Down-to-Earth Solutions

-The Shepherd Group

Tenant/Buyer Representation

Acquiring properties for business use or investment is a challenging task. Shepherd Group LLC works with potential tenants, users, and/or purchasers to determine their needs and then a strategy is developed that leads to success. After a thorough review employing market analysis and the competitive and other important factors, including financing, we provide a variety of properties that meet the needs of the Tenant/Buyer.

Whether you looking to lease or buy, the Shepherd Group’s approach is to meet your expectations and understand your priorities. We will:

  • Understand your commercial real estate needs and goals for both the short-term and long-term
  • Review budgets and/or investment criteria
  • Review current market conditions for your market area
  • Renegotiate current leases — rents, building issues, etc.
  • Find properties that meet your criteria
  • Analyze options, summarize and compare projected costs and/or returns and all relevant issues to find the best fit
  • Review existing tenant mix for synergies, competitors, occupancy plans, etc.
  • Arrange and lead property tours
  • Submit offer and begin negotiations
  • Provide assistance with attorney selection, finalizing negotiations, due diligence, property inspections, arranging financing and management transition plans
  • Meet with local government officials to discuss zoning, use, development plans, traffic/road conditions, and other factors that could affect the value of the property