Advice, Direction,

-The Shepherd Group LLC

Ownership Services

At the Shepherd Group LLC we provide you with advice, counsel and management services for property purchase or sale.  In addition, we offer leasing of core property types such as office, retail, multifamily and industrial as well as support in servicing select specialty assets. Whether you are a tenant, owner/user, investor, institution or lender, our consultative approach using detailed property reviews, thorough analysis of the market and the competitive set results in a highly proactive property management style. The Shepherd Group LLC will guide you through the challenges of property acquisition – purchase or lease – and disposition. Our approach is based on providing value added services that generate the most benefits to you while keeping a watchful eye on current market conditions and trends.

Our frank assessment will:

  • Discuss your goals and develop the appropriate strategies to achieve them
  • Analyze your property developing a detailed understanding of its features and attributes and determine how it compares with competing properties
  • Review current market conditions and recent transactions
  • Determine a reasonable estimate of the property value from your perspective and that of the purchaser
  • Develop pricing and marketing strategies to achieve your goals
  • Identify buyers whose needs match your property
  • Create a marketing plan to reach those buyers
  • Arrange for property tours
  • Solicit offers and begin negotiations
  • Facilitate the sales process with creative
    transactional structures
  • Provide assistance with financing, where appropriate
  • Help bring the deal to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion