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Straightforward, experienced commercial
real estate consultancy for tenants, lenders
investors, and property managers

At the Shepherd Group LLC, we enjoy guiding our clients through the volatile world of commercial real estate. But before we can lead you, we need to understand where you want to go. Our team takes the time to assess the possibilities for your real estate decisions, based on your personal goals, not only for now but for the long-term as well. Only then can we provide the frank, practical, down-to-earth advice that we are known for: advice that maximizes value, mitigates downside risk, and charts your course to a secure future.

Trust us to steer you in the right direction. With over 35 years of industry experience, in-depth market expertise, and a passion for guiding others, we are experts at helping professionals and tenants in the real estate market make their best move yet.

The Shepherd Group offers:
Tenant/Buyer Representation
Real Estate Advisory Services
Ownership Services
Receivership Services